Ooty (abbreviated form of Ootacamund and originally Udhagamandalam), is one of the most visited summer destinations of India. Even though, many  tourists from India and abroad visit Ooty every year, most people have a lot of misconceptions about this beautiful hill station. Here are a few myths about Ooty, which many consider to be true:

  1. Ooty is haunted!

Yes, there are people who think Ooty is a haunted destination. There are several weird stories in connection with some hotels in this hill station. There is no truth in this, whatsoever. The increasing number of tourist inflow vouches for the fact that there are no ghosts or evil spirits driving the tourists away from the place.

  1. Ooty is expensive

With almost all major hotel chains having at least a property here, many people think that this hill station is only for the rich. But the fact is that there are a number of decent budget hotels ranging from Rs.1000 where you get adequate facilities. Check out various review sites for budget hotels in Ooty.

You can also go for cottages if you are a group of people which would be an affordable option rather than hotels.

  1. Ooty is all about cool climate

Of course, Ooty is a beautiful hill station with pleasant climate and natural beauty. But is place is not just about that. There are so many things to do for people with varied interests, like history (museum and historical societies), wildlife (sanctuary and National park), adventure (trekking, camping), science (gardens and  research institutes) etc. Ooty offers something for everyone who visits the place. All you need to do is, find it.

  1. Ooty produces only Tea and nothing else

This is a very common myth about Ooty. No doubt, the place produces tea, but it also produces a variety of other things as well. Ooty produces some of the finest exotic vegetables and fruits that we get in the market. Till the invention of digital technology, this place used to manufacture photo films. The famous Pastuer’s institute where vaccine for Rabies is produced is in Ooty. Also, this place manufactures needles, cordite’s and homemade chocolates.

  1. Botanical garden in Ooty is just another garden

The Botanical garden in Ooty has a much more significance than we think. There are more than a thousand species of exotic and indigenous plants, shrubs and trees of various kinds. There is a fossilized tree in the middle of the garden which is estimated to be 20 million years old! The flower show held every year since 1896 in Ooty attracts about 150,000 tourists every year. It is one of the most visited botanical gardens in India.

  1. Ooty does not offer much recreation and sports

Though Ooty is not known for any major sporting events, Ooty has its very unique connection with sports and recreation. The game of snooker originated in its present form in Ooty in 1882. Horse races held at Ooty race course is one the premium sporting events. Ooty has a golf course which is 7600ft above sea-level. The place also has its spots for trekking, camping and even hang gliding. And the most interesting connection between Ooty and sports is that, former English cricket captain Colin Cowdrey was born in Ooty!

  1. Ooty is too crowded all the time

Yes, during season time Ooty town does get jam packed, but that is just the town area. But get off the town area and travel a very little inside, the place is extremely quieter and much greener. The air here is at its purest and the flora and fauna is at its virgin best. Lack of people makes it an advantage for those who seek calmness.

  1. There are not much food joints in Ooty

Ooty has a variety of food joints and restaurants where one gets tasty and healthy food. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, Ooty offers some of the tastiest foods which you can hog upon. There are authentic South Indian restaurants, Yummy Kabab corners, pizzas and burgers, Chinese etc in Ooty. And, of course, their confectioneries and chocolates are one of its kind.

  1. One can only shop for sweaters in Ooty

Though Ooty is not a well-known shopping destination, there are a few more things to shop in Ooty, than warm clothes. One must check out a few items to buy while in Ooty such as, different varieties of Tea, Eucalyptus and Citronella oils for medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes, some of the best quality homemade chocolates, fresh spices, farm fresh fruits and vegetables and some special dairy products such as organic cheese.

  1. Ooty is ideal only for school trips

This applies mainly to people in Southern India. Most schools and colleges take their students to Ooty on their yearly excursion. This has created an impression among many that Ooty is only good for school trips. In fact, Ooty has something to offer to every kind of tourists. It has some fantastic resorts, cottages , beautiful landscapes, host of activities and adventure, to cater to varied interests of most tourists.