A college trip comprises of fun, learning and a lot of good times with friends. The same if concluded in midst of natural greenery and beautiful climate, it will leave you with a memorial landmark. Ooty has so much to offer. From Nilgiris to Mudumalai forests, Botanical to Rose gardens; it provides a wow experience for every person with a particular perspective. And not only to romantic couples and adventure lovers but also to students it has a lot to offer. We are going to experience you with 9 must watch places that might mesmerize you in Ooty:


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Located 19kms from Ooty, Pykara village is considered to be a very sacred place. The river Pykara flows through a series of waterfalls and finally hits the Pykara Dam. These falls are in a 6km long stretch and comprises of forest rest house and even a boat house on the Pykara reservoir which is one of the most attracted destination for tourists. You can find many small and large capacity boats which can accommodate from 10-30 people at a time for duration of 20 minutes. If you wish, you can book it for as long as you want on a private basis. An extremely good idea for students to hang out and chill.


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Name one national forest where you can not only see huge elephants but also can interact with elephants and see how they are fed. These elephants once were used for timber extraction works but not they are well preserved along with wildlife and perform patrolling for anti-poaching operations. There is also a museum near the elephant feeding camp which illustrates the historical photographs of animals that once used to live and conquer Mudumalai forest. Since no private vehicle is allowed inside the sanctuary, you might want to book a forest safari package in advance for large groups. Mudumalai tiger reserve, which once covered an area of 60kms, is not extended to 321 kms and provided protection and habitation to some very endangered and vulnerable species like Tigers, Leopards, Striped hyenas, Sloth bears, Asisan Elephants and Golden Jackals beside 266 species of birds. If you are a nature lover, you are definitely going to enjoy this all day long experience.


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Botanical Garden is one of the most visited destinations in Ooty. With thousands of species of exotic & indigenous plants, trees and flowers covered over around 55 hectares; this place is no less than a colorful paradise. This garden was designed and developed by the Britisher’s in 1940’s by Architect William Graham Mclvor and even at those times, it was a favorite hangout. A collection of several lawns with beautiful flowering plants, ponds with lilies & lotus, beds of flowers laid in Italian style gives a relaxing sensation to eyes. The flower show is an event organized in early June with more than 250 participants where they showcase their talent & creativity towards creation of something unique with the use of flowers. Spending some quality time with colleague friends and getting the best of the best colorful background for selfies will capture the bonding moment for ever.


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This Rose garden is not just any Rose garden but the biggest one in India. Situated at an altitude of 2200 meters on the slopes of Elk hill in Vijayanagaram of Ooty, it showcases more than 20000 varieties of Rose. The best part about this Garden is that unlike Fall of Winters, the Flowers do blossom throughout the year. This visual treat by nature has gardens and segregated areas arranged in such a beautiful manner that you might get a glimpse of entire Ooty in here. And we can bet you must have never witnessed a Green or Black rose but in here, they are just one of the categories among several other colors, types and sizes. It might take you around 2 hours if you walk continuously but consider double time if you also wish to admire them. In the month of May, they conduct flower shows where you shall have a similar experience as that of Botanical gardens.


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Located at around 30kms from Ooty, Avalanche is a reserve forest land renowned for Avalanche Lake and Avalanche Sanctuary. The lake is one of the best tourist attractions and is fully surrounded by blooming flowers throughout the year. If you are a fishing enthusiast, there here is good news. You can rent or buy fishing rod and other useful accessories at Trout Hatchery which is nearby and continue to test your fishing skills. Just imagine sharing a fishing moment will all your friends turn by turn and get to see who the best fisherman is. If not fishing, the lake surrounding can also be used as a tourist camp where you can simply pitch in your tents, light some fire, cook some freshly caught fish or simply sing and dance. If your group is an adventurous type, try some trekking at the nearby hilly regions like upper bhavani with dense jungle and unexplored wildlife. BEWARE!


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A little further to Avalanche lake is located Emerald Lake which shares a common waterbody and has a mesmerizing scenic view. Some parts of this lake are restricted and not accessible to the normal public where even photography is banned but since this lake is so huge, you might not even reach to those inaccessible places. The warm Sunrise & cozy Sunset are among the best features of this lake as unlike Avalanche Lake, the mound terrains are less here which doesn’t let the sun hide beyond mountains. Here too you may enjoy fishing and camping in peace as the water is calm in here. The best way to spend some quality time here with your friends is to come here for a picnic with all your food & beverages packed as you might not find many eating joints here.


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Located at around 35kms from Ooty, St.Catherine’s falls from an astonishing height of 250 feet and the water is so fresh that it looks like milk being poured from atop of the mountain. If you wish to view the entire waterfall, then you need to go to view point which is known as Dolphins nose. A walk amidst surrounding tea gardens and cool atmosphere with a view of the falls leaves a picturesque memory. If you visit Kotagiri, you are not supposed to skip this place as the nature’s walk towards the fall and breathtaking view of surrounding and the fall will be way beyond your expectations and the best season you would want to plan your college trip is during the monsoons as the water flow volume will be thick then. Just remember taking a raincoat along.


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As the name suggests, it is one of the highest peak located at 25kms from Kotagiri. As per the legends, a Hindu god Rangaswamy came to live here after a quarrel with his wife and since then this peak has been known by this name. Strenuous Treks till some point are being organized for tourist and you may book one though don’t expect to get at top. Though the peak can be seen from several miles before and you may encounter hundreds of viewpoints to get a memorial shot but as soon as you keep moving towards, you get a feeling of happiness and joy as the closer you go, the hazier & misty it gets. Plan with pals to spend a relaxing time here and enjoying the ever changing sky. And to your imaginations we must clarify that this peak is extremely steep and not been climbed yet so better not try to do so.


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Standing at an altitude of 2637 meters, it is fourth highest peak in south India and most visited point in Ooty. The feeling you might get here can be related in such a way that on a clear sky day, you can view the distant plains of Coimbatore and the flat highlands of Mysore and that means you will be on top of the world. There is an observatory which provides two telescopic viewing stations for public and in season, the numbers of viewers can reach up to 3500 in person. Doddabetta is mostly surrounded by dense forest and thick course grass even near to the peak and provides an unforgettable experience. If you are planning a relaxing trip then we suggest you plan it for weekdays as it might get a bit crowdy on weekends because it’s a favorite hangout destination even for locals.

What require of a trip with your college fellows are fun, food and a lot of memories and we assume you might get all of it when you visit these recommended places. From exotic gardens to calm lakes and adventurous peaks, take a pick & try all of them. It will be an experience that will last in your memories forever. You won’t be disappointed.