What was the last vacation that you went to – A family holiday in some nice exotic beach location or an office trip to some farmhouse far from the city or to a friend’s bachelor party? Do you remember the last time you went set on an adventure trip? You don’t, do you? It’s time for you to chase your adrenaline rush and go on this adventure trip. But the question is which location should you go to this time? Have you considered Ooty? Oh Yes, Ooty is known for a good touristy hill station for a family vacation or a romantic weekend with your partner or also for a getaway with your friends. But did you know that you can experience the adventurer high in Ooty? You so totally can and I’ll tell you how.

Mountain Biking


The Mountain Bike Park in Ooty opens the door for a lot of bikers to come down to Ooty to experience the mountain biking as there are not many mountain biking tracks in India. Thanks to the Tamil Nadu State Tourism Development Corporation and TI Cycles India to collaborate for this awesome bike track. For all you experienced bikers out there, you are going to love the high that kicks in when you are biking in the queen of hills because you would already know the drill. This park is spread over two acres very close to the Ooty Lake and has three levels – beginner, intermediate and expert. To all the newbie out there, do not be disappointed because these guys have gone an extra mile and have a trainer who can train you build your biking skills. Also, the charges to this are pretty simple they charge 10 Indian Currencies for every lap you take.  



Mountains and Trekking, as clichéd as it might sound, trekking is next on the list. Ooty has a lot of trekking trails and those treks are of all levels. But one thing you can be sure is that you experience a trek with a beautiful scenic view. So tie up your shoelaces and trek your way around Ooty. Again, if you aren’t an expert in trekking there are a lot of tours that take you on a trek in Ooty. You should get in touch with them and set on your trekking expedition. You never know, those the trek you might know about the hidden gems in Ooty or even the history of Ooty. And hey! Did you know that Ooty is one biodiversity hotspots of the world? Thinking what’s the big deal in that? Well, the world has only 14 biodiversity hotspot, so now you know the deal. Enjoy trekking in this awesome hotspot. For the photographer out there, you might take longer on your trek because you cannot help but stop to capture some of the most breath-taking views on your trek.

Horse Riding


Always wanted to sit on that horse and go on a royal horse ride in the mountains? Well, Ooty makes that dream of yours come true. If you already know horse riding, you can enjoy riding the horses that are next to the Ooty Lake or Pykara Lake. They might initially hesitate to let you ride all by yourself, but if you are confident about horse riding then talk your way through them and enjoy your ride. To all of you who want to learn horse riding, Destiny Farm Stay offers you a course where you can develop your horse riding skills. Apart from Destiny Farm Stay, there are a lot of schools in Ooty that have a course for Horse Riding.



A hill station with so many lakes, fishing sure had to be on the list. But before you head to one the lakes to start fishing, you need to do this the legal way. So head to the Fisheries Department and obtain a fishing license and then you can enjoy your fishing time. Also, you need to make sure that you are fishing on legal places because fishing is banned in a lot of private places. So you can obtain this information from the Fisheries Department and enjoy a serene afternoon fishing by the lake. The newbie does not have to be disappointed. You can always hire a coach to teach you how to fish. Pykara and Avalanche are the most popular lakes for fishing in Ooty.



Wondering what high would one obtain from boating? Well, in Ooty you can enjoy paddle boat rides by enjoy I do not mean sitting and enjoying the beautiful view of the surroundings. You can actually paddle the boats yourself and it is an amazing experience that you should enjoy. You can take the boat for the time you need and they charge accordingly. You will have to pay and obtain a ticket before you start your ride. Boating in Ooty happens at the Ooty Lake and also at Pykara Lake.



Camping sure is on every adventurer’s list and it is possible to camp in Ooty. A lot of tours take you on a camping trip to Ooty. Would camping in a forest give you a high? Then Masinagudi is where you need to head. They offer packages for camping and I’m sure this would be a surreal experience for you.



Kalhatty Waterfalls in Ooty is where you need to head for your Gliding experience. Kalhatty Waterfall is situated about 16 Kilometres from Ooty. The adrenaline rush you would feel at the start of the glide cannot be expressed in words. Also, while you are gliding you will see the most spectacular view of the forest and the falls from up above. This will be a sight that will take you a long time to forget but the experience will sure be more than worthy.    

So when are you setting off to experience the adventurer’s high in Ooty? I would say the time is now. So go pack a back-pack and set off for your next weekend getaway to Ooty for your adventure high. Hope you have the best adrenaline rush being adventurous in Ooty.