There is something totally magical about hill stations. It instantly boosts up our mood and energy. Maybe it is the pure oxygen that we breathe after ages or the chilly wind that blows on our face or it could just be the aura of the place. Whatever the reason be, it totally rejuvenates us. It is like a perfect break from our city lives and the bustling traffic, noises, and pollution. Maybe that’s why our first choice for any holiday is always a hill station. It could also be because we are sure the weather would be chilly no matter what season it is. Don’t you agree?

Amongst all the Hill Stations, Ooty sure tops my list of a perfect holiday destination for everyone. Those of you who do not know where this beauty of a place is located, it is located about 90 km from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. You can take a flight to Coimbatore and then either drive down to Ooty or take a bus or even take a train. Yes, there is this famous heritage train that goes from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Ooty according to me is a perfect destination because whether you are planning a holiday with your friends, family, couple, with children, solo trip, be it any kind of a trip, like an adventure trip, or relaxation trip or touristy trip, Ooty will surprise you as this beauty has something for everyone.

Here are few of my reason why Ooty should be your next holiday destination.

Blissful Weather

Summer or winter, this Queen of Hill Station always surprises us with good weather. During winters, you sure cannot roam around without your jackets. Yes, it gets really chilly and you do not want to spoil your holiday because you forgot to pack those extra layers, do you? The best part about this perfect holiday destination is even during summers, you will not feel hot. Sometimes, during late evenings, you might just want to cover yourself with a pashmina because it might get a little cold. So for all the people who cannot bear cold conditions, should head to Ooty during summers and the ones who love it cold and chilly, winter is the perfect time for you to hit this place. A walk in this perfect weather would just do magic or maybe even a bonfire? I love both the options anyway.

Something for Everyone

Ooty offers something for everyone. If you are looking for dwell into the beauty of nature, you should head towards Emerald Lake and Avalanche Lake and you will be awe-struck by the beauty of the lakes. You can also visit the Botanical garden which has the world best plants and flowers, City Lake where you can indulge in some boating activities and a horse ride outside the lake, Dodabetta Hill which is the highest peak in the Southern Region, Pykara Falls where you need to walk a little bit to get to witness the beautiful falls, Rose Garden which can be a photographer’s Haven. Also, for all those who love trekking, you can trek your way to many parts in Ooty. A lot of troops even organize camping or trekking in Ooty, so if you are interested you can look at that too. Apart from this, there are many tourist spots in Ooty that will have such a beautiful scenic spot that will blow your mind away.

No Food Crisis

As there are tourists from around the globe that visit Ooty, Ooty does full justice when it comes to food. There are many good hotels, restaurants and small joints in Ooty that will give you a wide variety of options on their menu from South Indian, North Indian, Italian and much more. If you belong to the category where you would eat only in a pure vegetarian restaurant, then Ooty will not disappoint you there as well and you will find multiple options there. So one thing you can be sure is that your food craving can be totally satisfied when you are in Ooty.

Another interesting thing about these hill stations is that you automatically start craving for having a nice tea over-looking the mountain. Ooty has many small shops that sell you hot tea, just pull over your car in any of these shops and enjoy your cup of tea.

Perfect Getaway

If you stay anywhere close to Ooty say maximum 250 KMS, then Ooty sure is like a perfect getaway for you. There could be a lot of days where we have this long weekend, and we may have no plans and sulk that morning. All you need to do is, pack your bags and drive away to Ooty and be lost in the mesmerizing beauty. Ooty sure is the perfect getaway destination for a day or two or even more.

Take Away Gifts for your Special Ones

Whenever you go on a holiday, we sure think about taking gifts back home for our friends, family, and colleagues. Ooty gives you options that will scream and say ‘Hey, this gift is from Ooty’. You can always buy the homemade chocolates which are available in every nook and corner of Ooty and you will be so confused to choose from the variety of options that they present in front of you. Do you have any tea lover friends? Then close your eyes and pick up their famous tea and yes, you will be surprised to see the options even in that. The best part is you know that the tea is fresh from the plantation. Another amazing option could be the famous Eucalyptus Oil and your special ones would sure love the aura it creates.

So do you agree that Ooty sure is a perfect destination not just for your next holiday but for everyone’s next holiday? While you are at this, let us take care of your accommodation. Happy Vacay, you guys!

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