The Western Ghats is the home to millions of plants and animals. It stretches all the way from Maharashtra (technically Gujarat too, because it starts from the Maharashtra- Gujarat border) all the way to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, crossing 5 most predominant states in India. This chain of mountains consists of the most mesmerizing sceneries.  As far as India is concerned, the many of the major tourist spots in the country are somewhere in and around the Western Ghats.

Ooty is a little town that sits on the Western Ghats, bordering Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. This basically makes it a popular tourist spot to people living in these states. And maybe that is also the reason for Ooty’s multi-lingual local crowd. Ooty, though once belonged to only several tribal groups, now has locals living there from around the world. While we can see Indians from different states, we can also find many foreigners with different ethnicity. This is a very special quality of this little beautiful town.

Greenery of Ooty
Greenery of Ooty

Now Ooty is a very famous tourist destination in the Western Ghats. Ooty is pretty famous due to the advantage that it is pretty close and accessible by people from all three states due to its location. Ooty sits almost on the borders of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Most people visiting Ooty think that Ooty is a place best known to visit for their summer/ winter vacations. But least do they know how Ooty is a perfect weekend getaway! Yes.. I agree when you say there is too much to see and do in Ooty for just two days! But follow what I have listed down here and maybe you will get the best of Ooty in just two days.

Travel and settle

Try leaving to Ooty on a Friday evening so that you wake up fresh for a long day that you will be having. The best feeling you would get on your trip starts when a gush of wind hits your face when you start off at the hairpin bends either in the Mettupalayam – Ooty Road or the Gudalur – Ooty road, whichever state you come from! Calculate how long you would take to reach Ooty and start accordingly so that you are in town before midnight at the earliest.

To avoid last minute hassles book your stay in advance! Try an online service to book your stay so that you just have to go to Ooty and settle right away. Difficulties in booking your stay? I suggest OotyCottages, a very trustworthy website to book rooms according to your preferences. I also suggest you go for cottages rather than hotels, because of the special homestay feature you get there which makes your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

Just in case you are planning to start to Ooty on Saturday, remember you will be losing at least half a day’s time before you reach and settle. Keep it in mind.

Saturday- Day 1

We give this Itinerary assuming you reach Ooty on Friday night or Saturday early morning.

After a good night’s sleep, be ready for a long day that’s ahead. It is always good if you have a vehicle of your own to travel. But again, try hiring a taxi just in case you do not want to waste time searching for places. Most cottages and hotels also have taxi service in case you demand one.

On your day 1, you can decide between the two towns outside Ooty. Choose between Coonoor and Kotagiri, both very beautiful towns and definitely less crowded than Ooty. So I can help you choose here.

If you are a nature person who is okay with a long drive just to see few miles of estates and few other beautiful scenery that has very less humans, then Kotagiri is your place. If you are alright to blend in and go to a typical town, visit the major attractions there along with a little crowd then you can always choose Coonoor.

Or, you can visit both the places if you keep a track on your time plan for the day!


There are not a lot of tourist attractions in Kotagiri mainly because it is not exploited by man as much as Ooty and Coonoor. Kotagiri has two main attractions to see, both less than an hour drive from the Kotagiri town and two hour drive from Ooty/Coonoor.

  •         Kodanadu estate

An estate that belonged to the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu Ms.J.Jayalaitha, and now in midst of many controversies is a must visit place in Kotagiri. Well, you definitely cannot go into the building but the roads to this place and the scenic view is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

  •         Catherine falls

Situated in a half an hour drive from the town, Catherine falls is a very popular water spot to visit in Ooty. Beware of the waters, mainly during the monsoon seasons. When to water level is low and the waterfall has less water, you can definitely enjoy a refreshing swim there!



Once you are done visiting these places that might approximately take 4 hours at most, drive down to Coonoor that is 30 mins away from Kotagiri. If you are looking in to visiting Coonoor for a day, there are quite a few good places you can visit. However, keeping in mind you have half a day left until sun down, I suggest you visit the three best tourist destinations in Coonoor.

  •         Dolphin’s Nose

A few minutes away from the town, you can find this beautiful rock formation that gives you the best view of the valley below. The drive to this place is something to remember.

  •         Lamb’s Rock

On a parallel road, very near to the Dolphin Nose, you can see the Lamb’s Rock, that is named after Captain Lamb, who discovered this rock and made it accessible to people. This rock again gives a perfect view of the valley that lies down. Both these places are to be quite remembered for the drive to them and also the beautiful, mist covered hills due to the altitude!

  •         Sims Park

Like Botanical Garden to Ooty, Sims Park is to Coonoor. It is a pleasant garden set up that has the oldest of trees and plants in here. It is best known for its fruit show that happens every summer. You also have a small pond in the park that you can go on a boat ride in.

Choose from the above what you would want to do on day 1, visiting all 5 places is possible with a proper track of time.

End your day with a good dinner and campfire if your cottage has one.

Sunday- Day 2

Wake up to the beautiful misty morning on one of your most relaxing Sunday. You have a couple of hours left in this beautiful town, so we suggest you choose the places you go to and things you do wisely.

Keep aside the usually Botanical Garden, Rose Garden and Ooty Lake aside if you’ve already been there or if you want to witness the actual aesthetics of Ooty.

  •         Dodabetta

The third highest peak in south India is situated a few minutes away from Ooty. Witness the beauty of the Nilgiri Mountains here; you can view the entire Ooty town, along with the towns around it from this place in a bird’s eye view!

  •         Stephens Church

On your way to your next stop, visit the oldest church in Ooty- St Stephens church, that sits on the way to the Ooty Collector’s office. This place is a piece of work, thanks to the British!

  •         The Kamaraj Sagar Dam

On the Ooty-Mysore highway, near this place called Sandynalla, you can see a dam on the road side. This is the nearest dam you can visit in Ooty, that you can reach by walking into the Ooty shooting spot. It is a beautiful place to be to on a short trip to Ooty!


Ooty Lake
Ooty Lake



  •         Do a little shopping

Never mind you actually buy something or you just go on a window shopping, try the streets of Commercial Road and Charring cross for things you never knew you might need!

And after all this, if you still think you have time, then you can also peep into the Botanical Garden, The Centenary Rose Garden and The Tea Factory, all of which is like a 10 minute drive from each other.

Doing the things above, I bet you can have the best of Dp’s and would’ve seen the most of Ooty that you can in 2 days!

What are you waiting for? This is one of the best season to visit Ooty! Pack your bags for an amazing trip to Ooty this weekend!

Happy Traveling! 🙂