Ooty has been among the most favorite vacation places since long, even in the British era. Reasons are aplenty, for one Ooty has the best climate to relax and become stress-free.

Ooty is also famous as it is the biosphere reserve of the country and is also one of the better-conserved ones. It has been made famous as many of the well-known Bollywood movies were picturized here. Ooty has been known for its evergreen beauty, its gushing waterfalls, its pristine lakes and the plethora of the majestic Blue Mountains, also known as the Nilgiri Mountains, which is house to the beautiful Nilgiri Tahrs and the Toda tribe.

You might have been a tourist to Ooty all this while, be an explorer the next time you visit!

This article showcases all those spots which you might have missed as a tourist or the ones which you would have overlooked.

Read on to know more…

Parsons Valley

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This valley is mostly hidden by visitors to Ooty. You would also require permission from the Forest Department as this is part of the forest reserve. Parsons Valley serves as the chief water source to the entire hill station.

Parsons Valley is home to all the primary wild animals and thus the ones interested in going inside this jungle need to be very careful as you do not want to disturb them. You are inside their house and you are the intruders! There is a special track made for the adventurous trekkers if one is willing to explore this beautiful untouched and far-from-civilization kind of forest.

It is picture perfect and wonderfully awesome for a photoshoot being one with nature. Let your imagination run wild – pun intended! Parsons Valley and the Porthimund Lake were also part of the famous movie Roja, in which the director had very gracefully captured the beauty of the dam and the water body.

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Mukkurthi Peak

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Even though this mountain peak is famous and well-known, it is easily the most overlooked sights in Ooty. Don’t go to Ooty just for its climate and the rose garden, not denying their beauty, but also to explore places that are so worth your time!

Mukkurthi is also under the conservation of the Forest Department, from where you need to get permission but that would be easy as many passionate people come here for trekking.

Mukkurthi is a reserve forest for protecting the Nilgiri Tahr, the Sambars, and other such friendly wild animals! It is one of the best-maintained reserves in the hill station and South India. This forest is famous among adventure enthusiasts for trekking, hiking and nature lovers for its untouched heavenly grasslands and fir trees and crystal clear streams. If you are lucky enough, you can also spot the inhabitants as they come out to see their guests!

Next time you visit Ooty, make sure you come here and spend time at the fishing hut, about 30 km inside the forest base and from there begin your 4-hour trek which will take you 2,554 meters high and give you a bird’s eye view of everything below you.

The view, according to people who have been on a trekking trip, will leave you speechless. You can see the clouds float below you and all you can see is greenery, mountain peaks and white heavenly clouds floating across and beneath you.

It would be 10-hour trekking trip but all worth the while.

Emerald Lake


Ooty has always been known for its lakes and hills and the beauty surrounding it, which makes for a picture perfect location for photography and of course for newly married couples!

Few words describe the unimaginable beauty of this lake, green as the gem itself, Emerald Lake is huge. The most exciting part of visiting this lake is the way it meanders itself through the hills.

The area where the lake is located is known as the silent valley. As the name suggests, there is very sparse population. This makes it an even better location for some quiet time with nature and maybe become a little philosophical!

The lake is surrounded by a lot of tea plantations like the rest of Ooty. Tourists can buy tea products here which are of extremely good quality.

After a tiring day at the Mukkurthi trek, you can plan a trip to the lake. Emerald Lake is sure to give you the stress busting fresh breath of air and relax you like never before.

Toda hills


There are some amazing sights to witness in this region. Toda hills are a distant bunch of hills, away from civilization. Toda hills are home to the Toda tribe. If you want to witness some untouched parts of the hills in Ooty and be among the few to be in the midst of the Toda tribe, then this sure is a place that has to be on your list.

Toda tribe is the most primitive tribe in India, nobody knows exactly where they are from. Ancient scriptures obtained from these inhabitants show that they share a closeness with Greek Cypriots. It is therefore interesting to see what they dwell like. They have their own living methods, their religious beliefs lie in the Buffalo. They are strict vegetarians, although some people in the tribe eat fish.

Their houses and temples have a structure that resembles an igloo, only it is made of mud and thatched roofs. The temples have motifs on them and only men priests are allowed to enter them. Their house also have the same shape and constructed from similar materials – thatched roof and mud and they are called the Dogles.

Their living consists mainly of rearing buffaloes and cows. Some people also practice an intricate form of embroidery which has been passed on from generations.

Their dialect is no mix of any language and their attire resembles that of the Scottish’s. It would be amazing to see these people and learn more about them and what makes them so different. This should definitely be a must visit place on every explorer’s list!

Ooty Mountain Railways


Last but not the least beautiful on the Most Overlooked Sights in Ooty is its railways. Even though tourists often get aboard this and experience the joy of traveling, but this usually goes unnoticed that these railways are the oldest railway lines in India.

This railway system was built by the British and is still seen as the finest lines in India. This has been given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What makes it worth the travel is the entire experience you can revel in as it takes you through the mountains. Winding through the curves of the mountains amidst the greenery and cool breeze, you can live in the moment and get off with a ton of memories to savor once you’re home!