A 19th Century graveyard, which was used by the Britishers for war burials, Tiger Hill Cemetery is located in Coonoor and has burials dating back to the early 1900s. Majority of the tombs in this cemetery belong to the officers of the British East India Company and members of their families but there are few of them which belong to the local people as well. Some memorials are having beautifully written epitaphs, sculptures and some are there with ornate designs. There is a stone gate with an arched gateway and a steeple at the entrance of the cemetery.

It is a great place for lovers of history as they can also find a record book at the cemetery which shows all details of the burials at this site. In fact there are lots of tourists here who come from abroad in order to find their ancestor’s burial sites and to trace out their family roots. The Tiger Hill Cemetery is also known for its huge fir trees and this whole place is very peaceful. Some of the other interesting places near to this cemetery are Sim’s Park and beautiful tea estates which are worth a visit.

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Travel Tips:

No entrance fees are applicable. Best time to visit is Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov and Dec.