Sim’s Park is an unusual park-cum-botanical garden, which was laid more than a hundred years ago on the natural hill ranges. The garden features ethnic trees along with shrubs and creepers which co-habit with various other trees brought from thought the world. The park is named after Mr. J.D. Sim, former Secretary to Government, and Major Murray, a pioneer whose efforts helped to set up garden in 1874. The site is positioned in the north side of Coonoor railway station, at an altitude of 1,770 m above sea level. Sprawling over an area of 12 hectares, the garden occupies the inclined area and base of a ravine.

The Sim’s Park is bountiful in natural beauty and provides an escape to people looking to spend time with nature. The park is covered with terraces with beautiful flowers growing on them. It is also a botanical garden and trees, shrubs, creepers, and many other unique species from all over the world can be gazed at in this park. Sim’s Park, Coonoor has some rare economic trees like Rudraksh- bead tree whose beads are used for in rituals, Cinnamon – a spice, Queensland karry and many more. One of the trees present in the garden is over 200 hundred years old and is a special attraction within the garden. On one side of the park is present the rose garden where several species of roses are planted side by side. There is also a glass house housing different ornamental plants and flowers. The park is a must visit when in Coonoor.

Travel Tips:

The tariff is Rs 5 for adults and Rs 2 for children. To take inside your still camera you have to pay Rs 25. For taking Video camera one has to pay Rs 250. Best time to visit the city is from the month of October to May.

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