Only one of its kinds, the thread garden in Ooty has been and will always be one of the most mesmerizing tourist spots in Ooty. Located just opposite to the famous Ooty boat house, thread garden is a house to flowers which are fabricated with the thread but look so fascinating that even natural flowers may envy them. The whole garden has been fabricated from thread incorporating canvas, wire, and glue. This garden is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Ooty.

The man behind thread garden: Mr. Antony Joseph, an ex-professor by profession, has the credits of fabricating this awesome thread garden. Antony resigned from his job of a professor as he had to take over his family business of textile brushes and wooden accessories after his father passed away. Antony has been related to Coats Vivella Group Companies in his family business and this relationship introduced him to Coats threads. After the success of various handicrafts build by Antony from coats threads, he decided to take this craft to another level and thus a new technique “hand wound embroidery” took birth.

So how does a thread flower blossoms? The idea of making flowers and leafs out of thread came into existence in 1988 when Antony along with his nine companions started fabricating leafs and petals out of the thread.Firstly the canvas is cut out in the shape of a leaf or petal and then with the help of glue thread is wound precisely on the canvas. This technique of making flowers and leaves out of thread doesn’t include any use of machinery and is done with bare hands of the artisans. Not only the petals and leaves but every other part of the plant is fabricated with thread and at the end, every part is glued together to create a plant with a flower.

Dedication behind the thread garden: Antony came up with an idea of setting up a garden with various varieties of flowering and non-flowering plants to show the world the magnificence of hand wound embroidery. It took him around 12 years and the help of 50 women whom he had to train in this technique, to fabricate around 100 different species of plants and with the help of these plants he was able to set up the thread garden. Antony and his garden is now part of various record books such as India Book of Records, Unique World Records and Tamilnadu Book of Records.

Information about the thread garden:

  • Opening time:8.30 am
  • Closing time:7.30 pm
  • Admission fees: Rs 10 and additional 15/30 Rs for still and video camera
  • Address: North lake road, opposite to Ooty boat house.


In case one wants to enjoy nature with a twist, the thread garden is just the place for him. Tourists are unable to differentiate between the flowers crafted out of thread and the real flowers in the first sight. Thus if you are in Ooty ever, do not forget to take time and appreciate this great piece of craftsmanship and hard work.