Towering mountains, picturesque grasslands, sprawling tea gardens & a peaceful transit is how one can get close to defining Ooty. Rightly known as the “Queen of Hill stations”, Ooty usually experiences pleasant mild conditions throughout the year with temperatures settling in the 20s for the most part of the year. Ooty is famous for a number of things, we bring you the best of Do’s & Don’ts for your trip to this vast Greenland.ooty5

  • DO remember to carry all your important travel documents and all the emergency contacts. Ensure you also have the contact numbers & the address of the hotels you are staying at, which might be necessary in case you don’t find your way back after visiting around.
  • DO ensure to pack warm clothes. You need clothes that will keep you warm and cozy during the cold weather. But they don’t have to be boring sweaters. Carry leather jackets, not only do they protect you but also make a great style statement. A warm muffler around your neck will surely keep you nice and snug. A warm thermal can help you cut down on the number of layers. If the weather isn’t that very cold, you can skip the pullovers. Just the minimal thermal and your favorite shirt will sufficiently keep you warm.  
  • DO make sure you carry a comfortable pair of walking shoes. A trip to the hill station calls for a lot of activities like long walks, trekking etc. It is recommended you wear a pair of comfortable leg warmers along with your shoes to keep you warm still adding up to your stylish looks. Also, we recommend you to take a walk on the grass barefoot. Yes, only when it’s clean and safe. This will help you connect with the earth and gives a natural pedicure to your feet.
  • DO pack a first aid kit. The rocky terrain, uncertain weather and the curvy roads in the hills can take a toss on your health. Prepare a first aid kit comprising off all the relevant medicines. If you’re prescribed to any regular medication, consult your physician before traveling and carry all the necessary medication.


  • DO carry ample of skin creams, moisturizers, and lip balms. All these are not an addition to your makeup kit but an essential and come in handy when you’re traveling to hill stations and help you protect against dry skin. It’s advisable to carry small pouch in your handbag.
  • DO prepare your vehicle for the uphill road if you wish to drive. Please make sure your vehicle has up to date PUC (Pollution under control) certificate. Always carry an extra Stepney as finding the technician in such places might be a bit of a headache. And do not exceed the speed limit of 30kmph. As the roads may be narrow with hairpin bends, be extra careful while driving and look out for the vehicles on the opposite direction. Also, keep an eye on the breathtaking views around while driving.
  • DO organize your trip in a way that you will not miss out on the important sightseeing places. Some of them are definitely not to be missed. Prioritize your list based on your places of interest and cover them accordingly. Also, take suggestions from your hotel manager. As he’s a localite he might be able to tell you about the unexplored places or the some of the best places to hangout.  


  • DO enjoy the views much better by taking a walk up to the peak points and enjoy the sunrise. The place will be much more peaceful and less crowded in the mornings which allows you to live in the moment and get awestruck at how Sunrise at hill stations makes a beautiful difference. Sunsets can be experiential if you could find a place to relax and just be.  
  • DO enjoy your family time at your hotel as well. Most of the hotels at hill stations have a lot of in-house activities including a small park for the kids and a fire camp for the family is organized on request. Take your time enjoying your stay as well.
  • DON’T buy travel tickets or book your transportation & hotel with unauthorized travel agents. This might be a bigger risk if you’re unaware of the place and have problems with language fluency. You’re on a vacation to have peace of mind. To have a memorable trip book your travel necessaries with a well experienced authorized dealer.
  • DON’T consume alcohol while traveling around and especially while driving on the hill. Not just for safety reasons but also in areas like this, there could be random tests and if found guilty, your license might be confiscated.


  • DON’T try to get all filmy, posing for your pictures and put yourself or the people traveling with you in risk. Peak points, water bodies, and the toy train ride are the locations to be particularly concerned about.
  • DON’T forget to carry enough cash to keep you funded for the vacation. Finding an ATM may be a bit of hassle and you don’t want to waste time around in a location like this looking for an ATM.
  • DON’T wander in places alone, especially after dark. Of course, the hill station looks marvelous but risking walking after dusk is not an option. The hill stations are home to many rare species of fauna which you don’t want to explore in the dark. So avoid going out after hours.
  • DON’T ever forget your camera or your Handycam to capture the picture perfect memories of your vacation. The views you could capture in hill stations are endless. Always keep your phones or cameras ready to take your dream pictures. Avoid taking your gadgets near water bodies or be extra careful while using them around. Ensure you charge them thoroughly and also carry an extra memory card.


  • DON’T miss the boating in Ooty. Famously popular for all kinds of boating, there are various lakes that offer boating. Check for the timings prior your visit or possibly make a reservation with your travel agent or the hotel for the same.
  • DON’T ever return without picking up souvenirs for your family. Prominent for home made chocolates, varieties of tea and home to many spices, one should not forget to pick up the original organic spices from here.
  • DON’T forget to get enough of fresh air. Just breathe and enjoy walking barefoot on the grass. Of course, you don’t get to do this in the city. That’s the whole purpose of your vacation to Ooty right..! Step out and inhale the fresh air, the dew, the mild earth. Believe me, you will miss this the most once you’re back in the city.