No one can deny if I say all of us at some point or other are big fans to be of the cool breeze, misty mornings, freezing climate, mountains and mountains till our eyes can see! even though we live in the cities, we crave for these kind of small things. This may be why most people just cannot stop visiting Ooty- the Queen of hills.


Ooty is a little town situated in the Nilgiris district, in the state of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful hill station is one of the first and most famous tourist attractions in India. With an amazing history of how it was commercialized from a tribal village to the beautiful town it is now by the British, Ooty is an amazing place to spend your vacations. Ooty still has a lot of the British touch well preserved.


Ooty has two tourist seasons. April-May being the major season, where you have the most crowds visiting Ooty mainly due to the summer vacations. The second season however has lesser crowd, but I suggest you don’t underestimate the crowd! Both these seasons have special events happening in and around the town hosted by the government and private groups. While few people are interested to be part of such events, many people only try to escape the crowds and enjoy the aesthetics of this beautiful town.


So anyone visiting Ooty has an itinerary that has the same old places on their list. But what most people don’t really understand is, there is so much more to Ooty than the Botanical garden, Rose garden, Ooty Lake and the Tea factory! Why would anyone come all the way to a beautiful place such as Ooty to just the over and over hyped places when there is a lot more things to do and see..


Here is a list of the top 10 things, if you miss in Ooty you would definitely regret your trip.


Waking up to the cold, misty mornings


This is basically the perfect idea of a holiday to anyone visiting a hill station. Away from the tiring routine life, waking up to alarms and rushing to work! Well, just imagine waking up to birds chirping, cold-yet warm inside your blanket, sunlight peeping through your window and very mild mist surrounding your stay! Isn’t it the most beautiful and relaxing thing to think about? This is like something you just can’t afford to miss in Ooty. Based on which season you go there and where you stay, your experience of differs.


However, none of these factors change the amazing feeling you get every morning you wake up in Ooty. I suggest, you take a cottage to a hotel room because it is always cheaper than hotels and more close to nature. OotyCottages helps you choose from the best cottages in Ooty according to your requirement and taste.


A drive through the tea estates


This is something that most people don’t actually do, keeping in mind they might be trespassing. But let me remind you, Ooty has way too many estates that actually allow visitors. The good news is, to most of these estates you just do not need to get an official permission until you really want to go into the estate and tour the place. You can go on a quick ride through these estates. It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Ooty.

If you ever get a chance, do not miss driving to the Chamraj estates that even offers you with a beautiful drive, lots of DPs and even a hot cup of tea from their small roadside counter.


A hot cup of tea from local shops!


Well, this is my personal favorite. The hot sip of tea that you get from these local tea stalls or bakeries, on a short stop from your drive give you such an amazing feeling. This is basically something exciting for every tea lover. When you just go on a drive to some place outside the town, which is usually beautiful and serene, you are craving for some tea and you come across a tea stall on the road! This is something a person just can’t miss coming to Ooty.


Evening walks and window shopping!


This is undoubtedly the only shopping experience you might enjoy in Ooty. May be the only shopping experience you will have in Ooty keeping in mind, Charring Cross and Commercial Road are the shopping spots in town! The evenings are no less crowded than mornings here. However, walking down the streets and doing a little shopping here after the sun is out is the typical idea of nightlife in Ooty. It is a great experience and I suggest you go out no matter what!


Spotting wildlife if you are lucky!


Once in awhile, if you are lucky it just happens. Anywhere in Ooty, mostly drive through the estates and less crowded places, there are chances you will spot a wild animal. But wait! If you are one of those very lucky ones, you will even spot the Nilgiri Gaurs on the road, in the town midst the crowd! What are odds right?! Few animals in Ooty occasionally do come out of their habitat and its best we do not disturb them.


Go for your best treks ever


Ooty is the Queen of Hills! So that makes it the holy grail of any adventurous person. Ooty is known for its vast landforms that are used mostly only by trekkers. There are many places that people can trek in. Ooty has professional trekkers coming in year after year to trek in this amazing place. If you do get a chance, catch hold of a local trek group or guide and go on a small trek. I am sure you will love it!


The toy train ride


Well, this definitely something no one would want to miss in Ooty! The toy train is a world heritage! Take a ride on the train that goes to Ooty to Mettupalayam and back to Ooty making stops at stations in between. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity- going on a one of a kind train, into the jungle for a couple of hours!


Cycling if it’s your thing


Well, this is something for just a group of people. If cycling is your thing, then Ooty is the place for you. Ooty as we all known has amazing roads with sharp hairpin bends and steeps that no man can climb at a stretch. However, Ooty also has bikers and cyclists who come all the way from different places just to ride all the way to Ooty. If you are a tourist here, try hiring a cycle to go on a short cycling trip! It is again an amazing experience.


Be the spiritual tourist


Ooty is the place of living British buildings! We all know about the history of Ooty and how it was once the most love place of the British. May be that is why they left behind the finest of their architectures and arts for us to live with. Ooty is the home to the most beautiful churches and convents built by the British. Be awestruck by visiting a few of these churches, the most notable one- St Stephens Church, the oldest church in Ooty.


Visit the best of land and water!


Well, the last thing I would say you wouldn’t want to miss on the list is visiting the best landscapes of Ooty. This includes the Avalanche and Pykara dams, Catherine waterfalls,  Kalhatti waterfalls, Bhavani Sagar viewpoint, Dodabetta, Dolphin nose and Lamb’s Rock, 6th Mile, 7th Mile, Glenmorgan, etc. These places are a must see, especially off season when the crowds are less.


Hope you are all geared up for your next trip!


Happy Travelling!